4 Strategies to Strengthen the Connection Between Self-Compassion and Confidence

Podcast Episode

There is a proven link between self-compassion and confidence and it is time that we as women start to align our thoughts and actions with our actual needs and wants. Today’s conversation is all about how to do that along with strategies you can apply right now. 

During our empowering conversation, we dive into the intricate relationship between self-compassion and your ability to show up confidently in your life. We share four practical strategies that will strengthen the connection between the two and help you cultivate a kinder and more supportive inner voice. 

Tune into hear:

  • Four strategies to strengthen your self-compassion and confidence
  • How to cultivate a kinder inner dialogue 
  • Recognizing negative self-talk and what you can do about it 
  • How to view yourself from an external lens

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