Stephanie has been coaching attorneys and other professionals for the past decade – helping them navigate the profession, build their reputations, and develop their careers. Having been a prosecutor, judicial staff attorney, solo practitioner, magistrate, and law firm associate, Stephanie understands the dynamics at play in each environment. She has been successful in different settings and has been elected by her peers to serve the profession and the community at high levels.

The secret? Mastering The Other 85. Stephanie knows what it takes to develop and maintain key relationships, how to value people skills, and how to fit it all into an attorney’s busy practice and life. She has condensed all she has learned into The Other 85 and is excited to share it with you. Check out how you can hire Stephanie here.


“Stephanie is an excellent speaker with substantive expertise. She did a great job creating an environment where everyone felt comfortable sharing their questions and perspectives.”

"I appreciated the tangible tools that came with it. Great examples of ways to implement the tips.”

My favorite part was the concrete results. This wasn't just a lecture, it was a real workshop. Stephanie shared really good examples and supplied information for today’s world.

“Stephanie was a wonderful presenter.  It came very naturally to her and the advice about ways to practice was very helpful.”

“Quality information with genuine, good advice.  Practical application that wasn’t hokey."

“I’m used to networking events where I’m just another face in the crowd.  This presentation helped with tactics to stand out and be authentic to make long term connections.