Baking Dreams and Resilience with Christa Aylward

Podcast Episode

Joining the show today is Christa Aylward! Christa is a pediatric occupational therapist turned award-winning home baker. She is the owner of Sweets by Christa which began as a hobby but soon transformed into a thriving baking business, allowing Christa to share her love for creating delicious treats with others.

During our empowering conversation, we discuss Christa‚Äôs inspiring journey and how she kept believing in herself, the lessons she learned from the interview process, and how she ultimately landed an opportunity on the Halloween Baking Championship. 

Tune into hear:

  • Betting on oneself and facing rejection
  • The importance of pursuing your dreams 
  • How Christa persevered and got onto the Food Network
  • Taking your hobby and turning it into a thriving business 

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