Balancing the Scales of Work and Parenthood with Susan Krohne

Podcast Episode

Joining the show today is a very special guest, Susan Krohne. Susan is a trailblazer, a mom, and the Chief Legal Officer at MI Homes. Susan leads by example and is passionate about empowering women through support and advocacy, focusing on creating more opportunities for them to thrive. 

Over the next 30 minutes, we dive into how to set strong boundaries while still showing up for your personal life and family and pursuing a career. We discuss how the cards are stacked for women right now to rise up in larger organizations and Susan shares her tips on making the right career step for you and your family. Susan shares her incredible story of pioneering flexible work schedules while balancing her career aspirations and being a mother. Her narrative is one of resilience and leadership, inspiring a new generation to break barriers and redefine the narrative for women in the workplace.

Tune into hear:

  • Tips on making the right career change for you and your lifestyle
  • How to balance being a mother and chasing your professional aspirations
  • Strategies on creating boundaries between personal and professional life
  • The crucial role of flexibility for parents in the workplace

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