Being in Alignment with Your Values

Podcast Episode

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to find your inner compass by asking questions to help identify your core values, which are vital to making decisions in business. (1:48)
  • If you are not confident, it is likely because you don’t know your values, where you’re headed, or what you want. (4:20)
  • Whitney and Steph talk about how each of them processes decision making and how they know if something is for them or not. (7:41)
  • Strategies to identify your core values so we can create the guardrails to keep out distractions that take us away from our goals. (13:32)
  • Why it’s important to consistently revisit your core values after setting them and remember these do change, ebb, and flow. (19:05)

Download the core values worksheet here

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