Best of 2023: Confidence Through Tough Times with Kate Hare

Podcast Episode

In celebration of the year ending, we are reviewing our top five most listened podcast episodes of 2023. And our second most popular episode of the year was Confidence Through Tough Times with Kate Hare.

Joining us for today’s episode is a very special guest Kate Hare!  Kate is a mother of two and a former corporate employee turned marketing freelancer and founder of the nonprofit, the Callahan Murphy Hare Foundation. She shares the why behind founding her nonprofit and how she found the strength to navigate through this challenging time in her life.  

Throughout the episode, we will dive into Kate’s experience, discussing the emotional rollercoaster of receiving a devastating diagnosis and how she managed to keep her confidence intact. We’ll explore the mental narrative of having everything in life suddenly change and the strength it takes to be the rock of the family during tough times.

Tune into hear:

  • Kate’s journey to founding her non-profit
  • How to maintain confident during tough times
  • The importance of community support
  • Kate’s unique perspective after a life altering event

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