Best of 2023: How to Have Your Most Confident Year

Podcast Episode

In celebration of the year ending, we are reviewing our top five most listened podcast episodes of 2023. And our fifth most popular episode of the year was How to Have Your Most Confident Year.

2023 has just begun, and we thought it would be helpful to talk about how you can finally start moving in the direction that you want and have the most confident year ever. No matter what you are hoping to get out of this year, confidence is absolutely required. We are sharing what we use with our clients, and ourselves, to walk them through the steps it takes to be confident.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why you don’t need to overcomplicate the process
  • Looking back and looking at what has been working well for you
  • Figuring out where we can make improvements
  • How writing these questions out can make a huge difference for you
  • Taking a look ahead and deciding what you want
  • How we can reach our goals
  • The importance of starting small

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