Best of 2023: The Journey into Jewelry and Confidence with Treffry Caldwell

Podcast Episode

In celebration of the year ending, we are reviewing our top five most listened podcast episodes of 2023. And our fourth most popular episode of the year was The Journey into Jewelry and Confidence with Treffry Caldwell.

Today, our special guest is Treffry Caldwell. She is a former nurse and is now the founder and creative director of Pluma jewelry. During our incredible conversation, Treffry shares her journey of how she started Pluma, how she is instilling confidence in her girls, and what life has been like since pivoting to entrepreneurship.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The creation of Pluma
  • Where she believes her confidence came from
  • When Treffry decided that she wanted to pursue her career making jewelry
  • How she learned to make jewelry
  • How Treffry is modeling hard work and confidence for her children
  • Finding confidence in trusting yourself
  • What she is doing to help her girls choose the things that light them up rather than following the path laid out for them
  • How Pluma has grown into what it is today
  • The challenging parts of entrepreneurship

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