Bravery: Being Willing to Take The Risk

Podcast Episode

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Whitney and Stephanie talk about the idea of confidence having a board of directors and who the core “members” should be. In this week’s final episode in the series, they talk about bravery, the wild card girlfriend who just pushes you off the bridge but in reality is just the one who encourages you to take baby risks and then go from there (0:52)
  • What is the risk in showing up? Stephanie and Whitney discuss how risks need to be manageable, why it’s okay to make mistakes, and what bravery actually means to them (2:48)
  • Bravery can help you recognize that not everybody is nearly as fixated on you as you may believe them. News flash! Nobody cares! And that’s a good thing (4:24)
  • Along with a decrease in fear, bravery gives you a healthy dose of humble pie (6:09)

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