Build your Confidence by Regulating your Nervous System with Michelle Grosser

Podcast Episode

Joining the show today is Michelle Grosser! Michelle is a law professor turned motherhood coach, podcaster, pastor, and mother. Michelle’s mission is to support women in understanding and removing anything that is holding them back from living their lives to the fullest. 

Over the next 24 minutes, we dive into all things about our nervous system and how you can regulate yours to be a more confident you. Michelle shares tools that bring safety to our nervous system and tips on implementing these practices into your everyday routine. We discuss the foundational practices of nervous system regulation and the impact they have on our confidence. 

Tune into hear:

  • Foundational practices for nervous system regulation
  • Tools to bring safety to the nervous system in the moment
  • The role of nervous system regulation in accessing a different level of confidence
  • How to overcome fear and anxiety to operate from a place of self-trust and empowerment

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