Capture Your Confidence Is a Year Old! Reflecting on The Past Year

Podcast Episode

How exciting! We’re celebrating the first birthday of the Capture Your Confidence podcast. It’s been an amazing year-long journey so far, and so in today’s episode we just wanted to spend some time talking to you about what we’ve learned so far. We talk about how we came up with the idea for the podcast, the power of staying adaptable and what we envision for the future of CYC.  

In this episode, we cover:

  • How did CYC come to fruition [1:14]
  • Helping others work on their confidence [2:43]
  • Things evolve and change [4:04]
  • Do things without needing to be an expert in it [5:59]
  • Having conversations that matter [7:26]
  • The future of CYC [8:28]
  • The power of consistency [10:11]

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