Confidence in Series: Moving From One-To-One to One-To-Many with Coti Brown

Podcast Episode

We’re really excited to talk with our latest guest Coti Brown! Coti is the founder of Impact Agents, and she’s been in the real estate market for only a few years and she is already crushing it.

During our discussion she shares her experience getting into the real estate agency, what it means to build an income and an impact, the importance of building an audience that you truly connect to, and key advice for people starting their own business. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • Coti shares how she got into real estate [1:50]
  • Building an income and impact at the same time [7:06]
  • Finding your audience [10:45]
  • Coaching real estate agents, offering mentorship and building confidence [15:35]
  • Developing proper self talk and not listening to the naysayers  [20:46]
  • Coti shares her best advice for people starting their own business [25:45]
  • The legacy Coti wants to leave behind [29:52]

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