Debunking Confidence Myths: Knowledge = Confidence

Podcast Episode


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Whitney and Stephanie finish up their series on debunking confidence myths – today they explain why knowledge isn’t necessarily the key to confidence (0:55)
  • Myth #1: I need to know everything before I do anything is an excuse to keep us safe (2:11)
  • Strategize by only learning what you need to take you to the next step, don’t learn the whole process (3:33)
  • Dunning Kruger effect – the science behind what happens when we increase our exposure to knowledge and how that impacts our confidence and competence (4:43)
  • Success is more closely related to confidence than it is to being good at what you do. Whitney shares an anecdote about her mom that best illustrates why being confident matters (7:27)

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