Discipline: Keeping the Promises We Make to Ourself

Podcast Episode

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Whitney and Stephanie talk about the idea of confidence having a board of directors and who the core “members” should be. In this week’s episode, they talk about discipline, the friend who keeps you accountable and reminds you of your personal integrity (0:50)
  • Why do we feel like discipline is the “critical” friend? What happens when you have discipline and you show up day in day out for something until one day you realize that your priorities change? (2:14)
  • The two subcategories within the discipline – patience, and persistence help see your confidence grow. You have to be in there for the long haul to see your goals follow through which is where discipline kicks in (5:05)
  • How motivation can destroy your discipline. Whitney and Stephanie share why motivation isn’t as important as it’s chalked up to be (6:37)
  • Stephanie and Whitney share how discipline shows up in their day to day life (8:28)

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