Embracing Change with Confidence in Hopes of the Extraordinary with Simi Botic

Podcast Episode

Our good friend Simi Botic joins us on the show today! Simi is an Intuitive Eating Counselor, health and life coach, founder of Unmeasured and a published author! She is a former attorney and shares with us today how she had the confidence to walk away from a safe career in pursuit of something extraordinary. 

Over the next 30 minutes, Simi shares her career journey and all of the twists and turns she’s experienced to get where she is today. We chat about the transitions that we go through in life and the impact they can have. Simi gives practical tips on how you can gain the confidence to make those big life transitions. 

Tune into hear:

  • Parenting challenges and transition due to ADHD diagnosis
  • Tips on tackling big life transitions
  • Simi’s journey from attorney to business owner 
  • How to be more confident in your decisions

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