Feedback: The Friend That Keeps You Humble

Podcast Episode

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • A deeper dive into the first core member of confidence’s Board of Directors- the friend who keeps you humble (0:55)
  • Three’s a crowd – taking feedback seriously when you hear the same message three times. Take that feedback and incorporate it into your business to make the next right moves (3:47)
  • Not all feedback is valuable. Be careful of who you solicit feedback from. If it’s someone’s goal to be negative about you, then their feedback doesn’t have your best intentions at heart (5:30)
  • Once you begin to assess and fully understand your core values, it becomes easier to make judgments about feedback and determine when you want to act on it, table it for later or dismiss it entirely (6:42)
  • How you can solicit feedback from your community (8:37)

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