Finding Confidence From Sports, Setting Boundaries, and Raising Confident Children with Nici Workman

Podcast Episode

Whether it’s showing up in the courtroom or showing up on the court itself, confidence is always key. You need the confidence to form that argument and you need the confidence to make that shot! Our guest is a pro when it comes to discussing how her own confidence has grown both professionally and personally because of her own experience playing sports and just going through the messy motions of life.   In today’s episode, we are talking to our good friend Nici Workman. In addition to being a rockstar friend, Nici is a lawyer, a mother, a former college athlete, and a nonprofit board service member along with a whole host of other things.  During our conversation, Nici talks about her experience playing sports up until college and how it’s shaped her life. She shares her thoughts on how her idea of confidence has changed through the years, what she wants to teach her children about confidence, and the legacy she hopes to leave behind. In this episode, we cover:

  • Nici shares more about her professional journey [0:59]
  • The role sports play in cultivating confidence [4:53]
  • Confidence and the motherhood journey  [13:12]
  • Nici explains what knowledge she wants to impart to her own kids [21:35]
  • The legacy Nici wants to leave behind [26:31]

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