Finding Confidence in Work, Life, and Motherhood

Podcast Episode

In today’s episode, we speak to Merisa Bowers, an attorney by trade who is also a wife, a mother, a business owner, and a city council member. Her passion is to be an advocate for her clients, and constituents and share information.  Merisa discusses what confidence means to her.  She shares the power of your internal narrative, what techniques she uses to gain her confidence back when she feels shaky and why parenting is the hardest job of them all.  In this episode, we cover:

  • Merisa shares more about her journey and what confidence means to her [1:30]
  • The power of your internal narrative and how it changes [4:39]
  • Marissa talks about gaining your confidence, dealing with risks and feeling vulnerable [8:16]
  • Balancing parenthood and professionalism [18:42]
  • How your passion can light up your momentum [25:14]
  • Navigating transition and change [28:35]

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