Following Your Heart and Gut as a High Achiever with Jenna Klopfenstein

Podcast Episode

If you are a high achiever, this episode is for you! As someone who grew up as a high achiever herself, our guest Jenna Klopfenstein now coaches high-achieving women who are looking for more and have the drive to back it up.

After checking all of the boxes over the years by spending her life going after the next big achievement, she still felt like something was missing and she was longing for more. After 10 years as an orthopedic PA, Jenna decided to go full-time into the entrepreneurial world as a speaker and growth coach, and also started her own podcast called Girl, Let’s be Real.

Jenna shares with us the conversation she had with her husband when she realized she needed more in her life, why gratitude and desire for more can co-exist, and the importance of keeping the promises you make to yourself.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The pivotal moment where Jenna realized she wanted more [3:48]
  • Why gratitude and desire for more can actually co-exist [6:33]
  • How she dealt with those that didn’t support her decision to go into the entrepreneurial world [12:54]
  • The relationships she has built during her journey [17:21]
  • Keeping the promises you make to yourself will help you build confidence [19:32]
  • Jenna’s live event that is coming up in April! [22:35]

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