Giving Yourself Grace When Pivoting to a New Career

Podcast Episode

Our guest today is Stefphanie Harper. Stefphanie has been in the marketing industry for most of her career, and recently transitioned to being a real estate agent in Central Ohio. She is sharing with us what the transition has been like, the importance of building relationships and community in your career, and the things people see and don’t see when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What inspired her to transition from marketing into real estate [:51]
  • How she dealt with those that doubted her [3:14]
  • The importance of the relationships and community built in your previous career to move into your next [6:43]
  • Simply being kind to ourselves [12:09]
  • The not-so-glamorous side to entrepreneurship [14:59]
  • What Stephanie wants her legacy to be [20:03]

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