Happy 2-Year Birthday to Our Podcast! The Story of How It All Started

Podcast Episode

We are celebrating the 2-year birthday of the inception of the Capture Your Confidence podcast, and today, we want to share with you how it all started! We are breaking down how a contest we won that did absolutely nothing for us did everything for us, why you need to start taking action, and the importance of sharing the whole journey.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The contest that started it all [1:39]
  • Why action is such an important component when you have an idea [3:57]
  • The reason you should start with small steps [7:22]
  • Sharing those small steps on how you got to where you are [9:02]

Connect with Whitney & Stephanie:

Stephanie IG: @stephanie_hanna_ 

Whitney IG: @whitneyabraham 

Whitney Website: https://www.whitneyabraham.com/