Her Big Pivot with Nicci Hicks

Podcast Episode

Our guest today is a wonderful example of a woman who is making bold moves in her life to follow the things that light her up. Nicci Hicks is a former corporate executive who decided to make a transition during the pandemic to pursue another passion of hers. She now owns a brick-and-mortar and online retail store called Pivot. Nicci believes in the transformative power of wearing what you love, and because of this, she carries a ton of global brands that are not only inclusive but also sustainable.

Nicci shares with us the reason she decided to pivot, how her life looks different now, and the mission behind her store Pivot.

In this episode, we cover:

-How Nicci started her store Pivot [:57]

-What made her decide she was going to make the change from corporate executive to store owner [2:17]

-The reaction Nicci got when she decided to pivot [5:26]

-How work looks different not from when she was in corporate [7:54]

-The importance of curiosity and life-long learning [10:23]

-The heart and the mission behind Pivot [13:15]

Check out Pivot:

Brick-and-mortar store –718 North High Street in Columbus, Ohio

Online store – shopatpivot.com

IG – @shopatpivot

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