How Competition Can Play Into Your Confidence

Podcast Episode

Competition is an inherent part of our society. We live in a capitalistic community where competition is almost always going to be a part of our environment, and it can kind of be hard to get away from. Whether it’s trying to get more billable hours, earn more bonuses, or get more clients, we are always looking at finding ways to level up over others. 

 In today’s episode, we are talking about how you can reframe how you view competition. We discuss why competition is not the best way to measure success, leveraging collaboration, and questions you need to ask yourself about competition. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • Competition is not a measure of success [1:58]
  • Collaboration over competition [3:25]
  • Is this the competitive environment you want to be in? [6:35]
  • Why are you triggered by this competition? [7:54]
  • What is the purpose behind this competition? [9:42]
  • Being content does not mean being complacent [13:56]

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