How to Deal With Anxious Social Situations and Show Up to Them Confidently

Podcast Episode

It’s been a long two years hiding away from others in our sweatpants and only interacting via zoom, double taps, and sharing Instagram memes. But as the world begins to open, I think a lot of us are recognizing that our social skills are a little bit….rusty!  In today’s episode, we are talking about how to function as social beings again!  We thought it would be helpful to do an episode on how to prepare and deal with potentially anxious social situations that are coming up and how you can do it confidently!  In this episode, we cover:

  • Being human again [0:47]
  • Know what type of person you are [1:30]
  • Your social skills need constant upkeep [3:14]
  • Have a goal going into the conversation [4:34]
  • It’s okay if things are awkward – lots  of people are  [6:05]
  • Practice positive self talk [7:41]
  • Have talking points ready [8:12]
  • Sometimes it’s a them problem not a you problem [10:48]

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