How to Gain Confidence Going From Corporate to Full-Time Business Owner with Holly Haynes

Podcast Episode

In today’s episode, we speak to Holly Marie Haynes, is a newly minted full-time entrepreneur and career coach!  She takes her proven methods on productivity and coaches you on how to build your business in over a few part-time hours. Holly discusses how she became a full-time entrepreneur because of ice cream!  She shares overcoming doubt and changing her personal narrative, how you can level up while still working your corporate job, and why her day starts with doing her work first before personal care.  In this episode, we cover:

  • Holly shares how she found herself becoming a full time entrepreneur [1:39]
  • Overcoming self-doubt, listening to your gut and making the transition towards your own business [5:44]
  • Managing personal confidence as you level up [15:06]
  • Holly explains what a typical day looks like for her while balancing parenthood [19:39]
  • Productivity, consistency, and planning your way to success  [27:08]
  • Navigating perfectionism [35:20]

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