How to Handle Criticism and Negative Feedback

Podcast Episode

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Whitney and Stephanie dive straight in and discuss how to deal with criticism and negative feedback. Lesson #1, feedback is always a gift. You’re in control of what you do with it (1:02)
  • Myth #1, does feedback and negative always have to have a negative connotation? One way to address feedback is to view it like a performance review and a way to grow (4:35)
  • Tip #1, find a way to separate you from the process/feedback so it doesn’t feel like a personal attack. Most people aren’t trained how to give good feedback! (6:34)
  • Tip #2, instead of responding immediately to feedback, take a step back and take a deep breath. Don’t step in, interrupt or get defensive (9:01)
  • Tip #3, body language is everything! Focus on relaxing your face and eyes and holding yourself in an open position (10:35)
  • Whitney and Stephanie share a helpful formula for the best method to deliver feedback (11:32)
  • Tip #4, be mindful! Don’t allow the feedback or insecurity to spiral after the fact (13:53)

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