How to Navigate Saboteurs

Podcast Episode

In the final episode of the series dedicated to the way we sabotage ourselves, we are talking about how to navigate the saboteurs. The series is designed to share more on something that we all struggle with, right, that inner judge inside of us that sabotages our progress.

We discuss why your saboteur’s matter, questions you can ask yourself when you notice your saboteurs are at play, strategies to help you recognize the judge and the other saboteurs, and lastly, we’ll talk about strategies to help you move beyond them to make decisions from a kinder place.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Your saboteurs are here to make you safe [1:24]
  • Questions to ask yourself about the saboteurs [3:23]
  • Recognizing the red flags about saboteurs [5:48]
  • Pay attention to the way that you feel in your body when you start to have some of these thoughts [8:28]
  • Remind yourself that this isn’t who you are and practice the confidence self-talk [10:55]

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