How to Use Curiosity in Your Confidence Toolkit

Podcast Episode

Today, we are talking all about curiosity. Curiosity is a great way to help defuse the feelings that are triggering us and gives us a new way of thinking about the situation. Using curiosity to dig deeper into how we are feeling in these moments can help us remove those unwanted thoughts in our heads and help us regain clarity and confidence.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Curiosity is not about being emotional, it’s about discovery {1:28]
  • How curiosity can help us remove untrue thoughts we have in our minds [2:54]
  • The way we view curiosity [3:38]
  • How to respond to the voice of our curiosity [5:33]
  • Why gaining clarity around what we’re feeling can help unravel why we feel that way [8:27]

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