Increasing Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Patrick Kilcarr

Podcast Episode

We are thrilled to have the esteemed Dr. Patrick Kilcarr joining us on the show! Dr. Kilcarr is an expert in emotional intelligence, a renowned therapist, founder of EI Life, and the brilliant mind behind the book “Leading an Emotionally Intelligent Life”.

Over the next 36 minutes, we explore the essence of emotional intelligence, digging into the significance of self-awareness and the transformative power of mastering our emotional responses. Dr. Kilcarr enlightens us on the blind spots many of us have and how we can work on them to improve our relationships and overall mental health. We also dive deep into the conundrum of dealing with people who aren’t on their emotional intelligence journeys and setting firm boundaries. This conversation promises to change the way you think about your inner circle, self-judgment, and the narrative you tell yourself.

Tune into hear:

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Techniques for behavioral change based on emotional insights
  • How to recognize and improve your blind sport in Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategies for dealing with non-emotionally intelligent people 
  • Steps to reduce self-judgment and shame

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