Introducing: The Board – The Leadership Circle to Reach Your Next Level of Confidence

Podcast Episode

We are so thrilled to introduce our next adventure, “The Board,” a six-month women’s leadership circle aimed at helping women reach their next level of confidence. The Board offers a unique mastermind experience, utilizing our own 50+ years of combined experience to support and elevate every woman. 

During today’s conversation, we dive into the details of the structure of The Board, from monthly virtual calls to the topics covered by each coach. We discuss the importance of building relationships, maintaining effective communication, and developing a personal and professional brand. We also chat about the value of time management and the release of perfectionism. Join us as we discover how The Board can be a transformative experience on your path to success.

Tune into hear:

  • Benefits of joining the Board
  • The process and structure of the Board
  • Monthly topics and coaches 
  • How the Board will make a long term impact on your life and business 

Just go to to get more details and we will see you at our first board meeting!!!

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