Lessons in Confidence From the State of Women Conference

Podcast Episode

What a monumental moment for us. We are no longer just podcast hosts and business women, we are also conference hosts! It’s been a week since the State of Women conference, and honestly, we could not be more proud and appreciative. In this episode, we are breaking down the entire experience for you, discussing everything from the planning process, to the biggest lessons in confidence we learned, and our plans for the future. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • Don’t make the assumption that others won’t benefit from your work or dreams [1:02]
  • Developing deep and strategic connections with other women [5:42]
  • You don’t always have to map out the entire journey [7:45]
  • Move through the uncertainty [8:57]
  • Accountability is critical to the journey [9:50]
  • The value of good intentions [11:56]
  • Plans for the future [13:51]

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