Live Coaching: Confidence on Video, Collaborations, Perfectionism, Sales Skills, and More

Podcast Episode

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Stephanie and Whitney live coach each other through questions they are both commonly asked to demonstrate we all face similar issues (0:45)
  • The ultimate goal Stephanie & Whitney have in their coaching (1:30)
  • Getting past the fear of showing up on video and caring what others think (2:42)
  • What to do if you tend to have perfectionistic tendencies when it comes to video (8:14)
  • Mindset shifts to make when collaborating with peers in the same industry (9:39)
  • The importance of doing and creating versus watching and consuming (15:19)
  • Getting out of the pattern of feeling like you need more knowledge and validation outside of you (17:59)
  • Why you don’t need a massive market or audience in order to be successful in your business (22:44)
  • Embracing the times strategies or approaches “don’t work” as a part of the process to success (25:36)

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