Personal Saboteurs: External: Victim, Pleaser, and Avoider

Podcast Episode

In part 3 of this 5 episode series dedicated to the way we sabotage ourselves, we are talking about different types of external saboteurs. The series is designed to share more on something that we all struggle with, right, that inner judge inside of us that sabotages our progress. We discuss the three saboteurs that go hand in hand: the victim, the pleaser and the avoider. We walk you through each and every one of these saboteurs and how they impact you. This episode helps to give you a lens with which to understand how your inner critic is communicating to you and how potentially you’re holding yourself back. In this episode, we cover:

  • The victim – a default negative mind frame that can be damaging  [2:05]
  • The people-pleaser – you’re always putting the needs of others before yourself [5:23]
  • The avoider- you procrastinate like it’s your job and it’s hard to focus [11:27]
  • Inner versus outer saboteurs [15:46]

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