Planning the State of Women Conference: Lessons Learned

Podcast Episode

In  today’s episode we are talking with our fellow State of Women Conference co-founder, Kim Mills. During our conversation, the three of us discuss what it feels like to take big leaps and make big decisions without knowing what the outcomes are. It’s a big act of trust and confidence to be able to take huge steps forward in your business without really knowing what will happen until it happens. We talk about what we’ve learned during the conference planning process, what “magic” has worked for us, and why it’s okay that we do not know what the next steps are for us. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • What we have learned when it comes to planning big launches  [1:41]
  • The magic that has worked for us [4:23]
  • Overcoming the feeling of overwhelm [6:49]
  • Navigating moving forward even when you don’t know the next step [9:11]
  • Leaning into curiosity and the unknown [10:18]
  • The energy we want to bring to the conference [12:07]

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