Silver Lining Series: Taking Hard Things and Running with Them with Jen House & Autumn Theodore

Podcast Episode

This month kicks off our Silver Lining Series, featuring women who highlight the silver lining. We begin this series sharing about finding confidence during challenges and tough times.

Jen House and Autumn Theodore join us for today’s episode. Jen is the current president, and Autumn is the former president of Great Minds, a nonprofit that raises money for brain cancer research at the OSU Cancer Hospital. Jen and Autumn share their personal stories of resilience and advocacy with brain cancer, as well as their journeys of personal struggles, finding support, and turning their experiences into a positive force. Jen and Autumn share how they are able to find confidence amidst challenges and the role of science in their journey. Join us as we delve into the power of advocacy, support, and raising awareness in the face of brain cancer.

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