State of Women Conference Founder: Stephanie Hanna

Podcast Episode

In today’s episode are talking to our very own special guest Stephanie Hanna, the founder of the State of Women conference. A lawyer by trade, Stephanie is an entrepreneur, co-host of Capture Your Confidence and an all-around boss babe. She shares her experience on leveraging her network to ger roles, building your confidence, and giving yourself grace. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • Stephanie shares more about herself [0:48]
  • Getting the position you want with the relationships you have [1:52]
  • How did CYC come to fruition [4:53]
  • The power of communication and inner confidence [7:02]
  • Hosting a conference [8:57]
  • Giving yourself grace and what impact actually means [12:08]

Details & Registration for State of Women Conference:

Connect with Whitney & Stephanie:

Stephanie IG: @stephanie_hanna_ 

Whitney IG: @whitneyabraham 

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