State of Women Conference Speaker Highlight: Regan Walsh

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Women are doing it all, whether it’s running a business, being a CEO, raising a family or showing up in all the different hats we wear across time and space. With that being said, showing up means embracing the fear and moving forward with courage and confidence, but how exactly can that be done? 

In today’s episode, we are talking to Regan Walsh, life and executive coach as well as the chief renegade Officer at Renegade Global. Regan knows everything about confidence, courage, and feeling the fear but doing it anyway. 

During our conversation Regan talks about why her gut instinct is the best tool she could ever have. She shares why the best way to face fear is to ask what’s the worst that’s going to happen and then follow it up with “and then what,” how confidence and courage have played a role in her own life and how to form your own community. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • The role that confidence and courage plays in leaning into changing identities [2:03]
  • Facing the fear and where confidence shows up  [5:39]
  • Regan shares more about her own journey dealing with challenges and leaning into her own capabilities [11:54]
  • Find your tribe starts with just asking and what ROC actually is  [19:19]
  • The legacy of Regan Walsh [22:39]

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Heart Boss: Trust Your Gut, Shed Your Shoulds, and Create a Life You Love

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