Taking Risks in Event Planning for Extraordinary Results with Holly Haynes

Podcast Episode

We are so thrilled to have our dear friend, Holly Haynes, joining the show today! Holly is a business strategy coach, podcaster, mom of twins and founder of Crush the Rush. Her mission is to help women create simple scalable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures. She is a master of optimizing and streamlining and knowing when to double down on things that truly work.

During today‚Äôs empowering conversation, we discuss creating and hosting an event and how to optimize it for success. Together, we explore the mental narratives, doubts, and challenges that arise when deciding to double down on something and provide practical strategies for making it happen. Whether you’re a business owner planning an event or a parent organizing annual traditions, this episode offers valuable insights on embracing your “crazy” ideas, evaluating what worked well, and crafting a clear path forward.

Tune into hear:

  • The challenges of organizing and executing repeat events
  • Developing a strategy to host a successful event
  • How to break through the self-doubt to achieve extraordinary results
  • When to double down vs let it go 

Connect with Holly:

Website: https://www.hollymariehaynes.com/

Holly’s IG: @thehollymariehaynes

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