The 3 Main Roadblocks Holding Us Back

Podcast Episode

As women, we have so many roadblocks holding us back, that we can’t even sort through what the main problem is. All we know is we have a problem, and we don’t have time to fix it, but if we can’t identify the roadblock, then we can’t identify a solution.

We are breaking down roadblocks into 3 main categories: time, mindset, and skillset. We are going to dive deep into each of these for you so you can finally stop letting them get in the way of getting things done.

In this episode, we cover:  

  • Women struggle with so many roadblocks [1:07]
  • The 3 categories we broke down roadblocks into [2:03]
  • Breaking down these 3 categories [3:05]
  • Ways we can address these roadblocks [6:11]
  • Mindset questions we ask ourselves [9:22]
  • How to make time for things that are actually important [11:44]
  • The barrier around skillset [14:44]

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