The Do’s and Dont’s of Having Difficult Conversations

Podcast Episode

How many times have you had an issue arise with a friend, coworker, or spouse, and you knew you needed to talk to them about it, but avoided it at all costs? Having difficult conversations is, well, difficult. As a woman, it’s easy to worry what someone will think of us when we bring these conversations to light. What will they think of me? Will it come off as too aggressive? Will they not want to work with me again?

But if we can address what is getting in the way of us having difficult conversations and equip ourselves with the skills on how to have them, we can remove that stress when they need to be had.

We are diving into the dos and don’ts of having difficult conversations, so get your pens and paper ready, because this is going to be a good one.  

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to know when a difficult conversation is worth being had [2:36]
  • The things you should not do when having these conversations [4:56]
  • What you can do to go into having difficult conversations and come out feeling better [9:25]

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