The Parallels Between Gardening and Personal Growth

Podcast Episode

We are all complicated houseplants and the environments that we find ourselves in really matter on whether we build our confidence and grow or whether our growth is stunted. In today’s episode, we are diving into the parallels between growing a garden and building your confidence. 

During our conversation, we explore the importance of the environment, the soil, the water, and the sunlight when it comes to gardening but also how these same concepts can be applied to our lives. We also chat about the journey of becoming a gardener and the importance of continuing to evolve, grow, and shift directions. 

Tune into hear: 

  • The impact of the environment in which a seed is planted
  • How to be mindful of what you consume
  • Evolving, growing, and shifting directions while building confidence
  • The relationship between confidence and your mindset 

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