The State of Women Conference Recap

Podcast Episode

Our State of Women Conference has come and gone but our mission remains the same, helping women gain confidence. Kim Mills is joining us today as we share a recap of how we felt the State of Women Conference went, the impacts that were made on so many women’s lives, and our personal takeaways.

The State of Women served as a confidence intervention, bringing together women from all walks of life to share their experiences and find mutual support. We discuss the importance of repetition and pushing through self-doubt even when it feels like you may never reach your goal. We also dive into SMS marketing and how we utilized it to reach more women and help make our conference a success. 

Tune into hear:

  • What is SMS marketing and how do you use it?
  • The Value of Repetition and Consistency in Building Confidence
  • How the State of Women impacted women’s lives and created genuine connections
  • Tips for overcoming self-doubt as a female entrepreneur 

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