Things That Crush Our Confidence

Podcast Episode

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to be aware of things that can knock your competence down and ways to be prepared to deal with them as they come up. (00:55)
  • Whitney and Stephanie talk about the five major things and the four minor ones that crush your confidence. (2:03)
  • When feeling overwhelmed, the exact questions to read out loud to yourself and sit with them and see what resonates with you. (3:48)
  • If you are experiencing negative self talk, how to combat it with something positive and true. (9:55)
  • An exercise to identify whether or not you are comparing yourself to other people’s journeys and how to stop it. (12:45)
  • Different ways to face imposter syndrome and take actions necessary to build up your competence levels. (20:11)
  • The formula to confidence that allows you to create personal success and identify what works best for you. (24:27)

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