Vision: Seeing the Big Picture and the Small Steps to Get There

Podcast Episode

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Whitney and Stephanie talk about the idea of confidence having a board of directors and who the core “members” should be. In this week’s episode, they talk about vision, the friend who helps you keep your eye on the prize and see the bigger picture. When do we really need to call on vision when it comes to seeing the growth of ourselves and our business? (1:04)
  • Why it’s good to have a balance between long range and short term vision. Having an overall vision for your life is directly tied to your core values and what is critically important to you  (3:25)
  • Whitney and Stephanie discuss when they’ve been stuck in the wrong type of vision and what they did to overcome that. (4:47)
  • If you’re struggling with vision, get support from your network to help you hone in on which area of vision you need to develop the most (7:29)

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