We Ran an Election on Social Media and the Results Were Wild

Podcast Episode

What if we told you that engagement isn’t all about the dollars you pour into ads?

In today’s episode, we dissect an incredible social media campaign that defied the odds with zero ad spend. Our thoughtful approach to captivating content, targeted local engagement, and the relentless commitment to daily posting forged a connection with the audience that extended far beyond mere likes and shares. It proved that with passion, persistence, and a bit of social savvy, anyone can mobilize a community and inspire action. So, whether you’re looking to jumpstart your business presence, ignite a movement, or simply learn how to leverage your online platforms for a profound impact, this episode will lay out the blueprint for victory—no matter the arena. 

Tune in to hear:

  • The often-underestimated potential of organic social media campaigns
  • How social platforms can become vehicles for confidence and change
  • Focusing on content that resonates deeply, rather than just ‘salesy’ content
  • The journey of a succinct 8-week election campaign to social media triumph

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