Why Being True to Yourself Breeds Confidence

Podcast Episode

For those that don’t know, Stephanie has lived her whole life having curly hair. In fact, she has spent over 10 years straightening her hair week after week simply because that’s what she’s always seen other people with curly hair do. Stephanie never actually realized just how much confidence stuff was wrapped up in your hair until she had a very special moment with her daughter, who also has curly hair.

As moms, we all have those moments where our kids see a bit of themselves in us and can relate to us on a deeper level. And it’s so important to show them that we can own our authenticity so that they can feel comfortable doing the same.  

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why Stephanie chose to straighten her hair for years [1:33}
  • The moment Stephanie’s daughter noticed her curly hair, and how that changed her point of view [2:28]
  • Growing up seeing a specific standard of beauty [4:41]
  • Learning how to wear her hair curly, and feeling more confident [6:36]
  • Showing your children to own your authenticity [8:49}

Connect with Whitney & Stephanie:

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Whitney IG: @whitneyabraham 

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