Why We Procrastinate and Ways to Overcome It

Podcast Episode

Procrastination – it’s a scary word, mostly because we’ve all succumbed to it at one point or another. In general, procrastination is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster that brings up feelings of dread, guilt, and maybe even shame, but why do we feel that way?  In this episode, Stephanie and Whitney discuss procrastination and where we find it shows up in our lives the most.  When we lean into procrastination, we are opening the for that fear and anxiety to creep in. While that might seem scary, we want to help you understand how to stay in alignment with your integrity and not get overwhelmed with procrastination!  In this episode, we cover:

  • How does procrastination show up for us? [1:14]
  • We discuss where procrastination comes from and what role mood plays in it [4:01]
  • Instead of avoiding that feeling of procrastination, lean into it and explore why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling in this moment [7:19]
  • Practical ways you can solve procrastination, including a new way to organize your to-do list [11:15]

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