Why You Should Outsource and How to Know It’s Time

Podcast Episode

Welcome back to another episode! We are talking all about one of our favorite topics when it comes to increasing your confidence and making your life and business easier –  outsourcing tasks and taking things off your plate.  In today’s episode we share why it’s okay (and necessary) to not do everything, why making choices is a confidence issue, why you can benefit from outside insights and why relinquishing control is the ultimate sign of confidence.  

In this episode, we cover:

  • Stop trying do everything [0:47]
  • Can you trust yourself to outsource tasks? [2:36]
  • How to know when to outsource [4:33]
  • Don’t approach stress with anger [7:47]
  • The benefits of outside insights  [10:52]
  • How outsourcing tasks boost your confidence [14:48]

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